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Above: Our 2021-2022 State Officer Team!

The SkillsUSA Vermont chapter holds two conferences each year to celebrate and share our career-readiness and professional excellence at the annual Fall Leadership Conference and the annual Spring Leadership and Skills Conference!


The Fall Conference invites all students to explore leadership and career readiness. The Spring Conference, which is usually held at the Double Tree Hotel in Burlington, Vermont, features contests in almost 70 different professional areas where Gold Medal winners can earn the opportunity to compete in the SkillsUSA National Conference held each summer.


Check back as this page is updated regularly with news about our conferences, and see upcoming dates on our Calendar and Social Media Pages!


To register as an advisor or student for either conference, please click here to log on to the SkillsUSA National website during open registration periods to register!


Other registration forms, including those that you need to bring with you to the State Competition, can be found on our Resources & Downloads Page here.


SkillsUSA Vermont contestants are asked to complete a Professional Development Tiebreaker Test about employability skills and the SkillsUSA Organization. These will only be utilized as tiebreakers for tied scores in a contest. Complete this online quiz by visiting our Resources & Downloads Page here.

When you participate in SkillsUSA, you are a "Champion At Work!"

Beyond the chance to win a medal, membership in our conference means...


** Participation Certificates for all contestants to present on resumes and more! **

**  Awards, scholarships, and tools of the trade as prizes in every contest! **

** A chance to make friends, develop connections, and meet other young professionals from

all across the state and country! **

** A showcase of pride for your professional future and career skills! **


In addition to the student benefits, every SkillsUSA Contest Manager and Advisory will be sent an official Professional Learning certificate to be used for licensure and professional evidence for their efforts and support!


SkillsUSA VT Contestant Page


For contests that include digital uploads and online contest submissions, click here for links and submission folders related to your contest. This page is password protected; you will receive your password from your Contest Manager when your contest starts.

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SkillsUSA VT Contest Manager & Judges Page


Click here for documents and links to help you facilitate or judge your contest. This page is password

protected; Contest Managers will receive the password in our Contest Manager training sessions and Judges will be given this password by their Contest Manager.



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Contest Update Folders for the 2022 Spring Conference


Looking to get to know more about our contests?

Each contest taking place at our 2022 Spring Leadership and Skills Conference has a folder below with contest overviews and updates from our Contest Managers about how to prepare to take part.


Each folder also has the National Technical Standards for you to review as well as state-level specific updates from our Contest Managers about how the contest will be run within our Vermont chapter this year.


These folders may be updated in the coming weeks, so check back for more updates and additional files as our conference approaches!


If you have any questions. reach out to your contest manager directly using the contact information provided on our Contest Status sheet here!